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ambassador Division

We are very excited to be launching an artÉmotion Ambassador Division! The Ambassador Division will be offered to both Student and Adult dancers, non-professional or professional. We know the success of artÉmotion would not be possible without dancers like YOU who believe in our mission. We are dedicated to making ballet accessible to everyone and having someone like yourself, helping us spread the word about our programs, will only strengthen artÉmotion’s ability to offer the art of dancing with the world!

As an artÉmotion Ambassador, you will receive automatic discounts to participate in our Summer Intensives (if an audition is NOT required), Workshops, and Master Classes as well as discounts to merchandise. If you reach Principal Dancer status you will be eligible to come to our Summer Intensives (if an audition is NOT required), Workshops, and Master Classes for FREE as well as earn FREE artÉmotion merchandise!

Being part of our Ambassador Division means we will ask you to help drive our content to your dance community and followers. That could mean posting about our Master Classes and Summer Intensives, Auditions, Merchandise, and more! You will be given a discount code which will give your followers special offers to our Master Classes and Merchandise. Aside from your automatic discounts on classes and merchandise, every time someone uses your code, you earn more credit towards free classes and merchandise! We will also ask you to help artÉmotion connect with your dance school. We are expanding our reach by offering Master Classes around the country and we need your help to get artÉmotion to your city! Lastly, your main objective is to live our mission.


We develop Artists, not just Dancers.

The artÉmotion Summer Intensive shapes students into multidimensional dancers by asking them to stretch beyond their physical abilities and help them find their inner voices as artists. Our mission is facilitated by our curriculum. Students of artÉmotion will explore their artistry and technique in tandem. No movement without a purpose, without a unique story.

artÉmotion believes dancers are Athletes, but above all, ARTISTS. We want an Ambassador Division who is willing to break down the fourth wall (onstage and through social media) and speak to our audiences through movement.

our most exciting offer and thank you to announce!

Anyone who reaches Principal Dancer status will be entered into a raffle to be drawn on December 1st, 2019. If chosen, you will win 2 TICKETS to closing night of Ballet West’s production of Giselle on February 15th, 2020, one night hotel stay accommodation in Salt Lake City on February 15th, 2020, $50 towards a dinner downtown Salt Lake City, and a $200 travel reimbursement! YOU DESERVE IT!

We are searching for dedicated dancers and look forward to working with you! Only a certain number of Ambassadors will be chosen each year. Applications being accepted until April 1st, 2019. MERDE!

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